You know those Wright brothers? 

They looked at the deep blue sky and had a dream that one day they would soar across those very skies. With hard work and dedication they made not just that dream but the fantasy of millions come to life. We may not be aircraft engineers, but we are gamers and innovators. We love everything from those quick little play-on-the-throne puzzles to the story-driven epics that take half your life to vanquish. And just like the games we play, we love creating a little bit of everything. At Cerulean Games, we look into the deep blue sky - the same as the blue in our logo - and we make those dreams, your fantasies, come true.
Founded in 2009 and incorporated in 2010, Cerulean Games has worked alongside awesome partners to build killer solutions and have been jamming on our own unique titles as well.
Keep gaming my friends.


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